donderdag 8 januari 2015

Facebook statement

The new Data Use Policy of Facebook will become active on January 30, 2015. As this blogpost from SOLV (in Dutch) explains, there are only a few small changes. In general, it is important to realize that the policies of Facebook are subject to the possibilities of the law. Even Facebook should abide by the applicable laws and it is clear that there are a few questions to be asked regarding their policies. How these questions should be answered will become clear in the near future.

Following the annoucement of the new policy, the below "statement" started to appear on Facebook timelines.

Aside from all opinions and fact regarding the new Data Use Policy, the posting of this text on your timeline is nonsense. Legally, this is a useless text. There is no "Code of Intellectual Property", the UCC is American law (not valid outside the USA) and the Rome Statute is about the International Criminal Court which handles cases of genocide and war crimes.

Do not post this text to you timeline, you will look like a fool!

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