dinsdag 20 januari 2015

Someones child on your mug

"Now for sale: a mug with someone else's child." And: "Please take your time to browse our collection for your son or daughter." These texts are from the website Koppie Koppie of designer Yuri Veerman and reporter Dimitri Tokmetzis. On the website mugs with random pictures of children from Filckr are for sale. And yes, it is a joke, but a joke with a serious message.

Veerman and Tokmetzis have created their website to remind people they should be more careful with the things they put on the internet. The pictures used on the mugs are published on Flickr under a license that allows anyone to use the pictures for any purpose.

Flickr has a number of possibilities to share pictures. Options are for instance to completely restrict any use by third parties, or to only allow non-commercial use. As the parents of the children in the used pictures have chosen not to use any restrictions, a possible consequence of this is shown by Veerman and Tokmetzis. A clear warning for any responsible parent!

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